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This podcast series is hosted by Mike Moreland. In these episodes, Mike interviews many of the world's top photographers about their artistic style, discovering helpful tips for improving photography skills along the way. If you were looking for a place to hear about the ins and outs of photography, you have found it!
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May 19, 2018

David Beckstead was named one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world. He is well-traveled, a hotshot firefighter, a painter, and an artist.

The first tip is to let go and let their creativity flow and not worry so much about being technically perfect. “Always push yourself,” says Beckstead. He really wants photographers to challenge themselves, creatively. For example, David takes all the “rules” of photography as a challenge, and you can tell in his work. He talks about the beauty in the midday natural lighting that most photographers shy away from.

He says that another thing that photographers don’t always understand is the mood of the photo. He notes that there are more moods than just “happy”.  “You need to learn to do some things for yourself.” Beckstead notes that a lot of photographers lose their creativity and style because they are always trying to do exactly what others want them to do. This makes sense when shooting wedding photography, but he notes that creating your style is really what makes a photoshoot become amazing.

He says that about half of what he shoots for a wedding was shot for the bride, groom, and family, but the other half of what he shoots is for him. He makes sure that he does both what the wedding party will want, but also using his own creativity to create stunning photos.

He notes that a lot of people ask him how he finds the interesting lighting that he is known for, but David says that anyone can see and find the light. The problem is that most photographers don’t exercise the courage to take those shots with the different lighting because of a fear of failing.

David also talks about traveling, and how he takes a lot of his creative inspiration from paintings. He says that the renaissance paintings in Spain inspired him to start teaching composition and how things work.

Self-assignment: Study, study, study. He notes that a very important part of his career has been studying: Studying composition, studying the history of the places he travels, etc.

Ask for critique. Let others tell you what they do and don’t like about your photos. This doesn’t mean to take all their advice for shooting, but this can sometimes give you an idea for how to improve your style.

He talks about his critique group called “Abstract Canvas” where photographers post their abstract pictures for critiquing. He also talks about his books and videos on his website that are lessons on LED lighting.

He talks about his experience shooting weddings overseas. He notes that there are not many countries that allow you to come in as a photographer for weddings. He says that he usually just travels as a tourist with extra gear. He also notes that it isn’t always necessary to bring ALL of your equipment for your photography when you travel, as well.

In his closing statements, he reiterates that education is extremely important for photographers. He says that workshops and lessons in photography are incredibly powerful. He says he continues to educate himself to improve his photography and encourages you to practice what doesn’t come as natural to you as others.

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May 12, 2018

Mike Noa has been a photographer for many years. His career began in the film and TV industry. He co-founded the Roswell Photographic Society and created PhotoPlex Studios in Alpharetta, GA. 

PhotoPlex Studios started as a personal studio for Mike and his team, but during the recession, many of his photographer friends would ask to use his studio. Eventually, he opened the studio as a rental studio.

It currently has all of the equipment and amenities that you could need for a photoshoot, including 20 ft. ceilings and garage doors to bring vehicles into the studio. 

The studio can either be rented as for 2 hours by anyone or more than that, if you are a member. The memberships are divided into 3 tier memberships with each tier having better perks than the last! 

PhotoPlex currently has between 40 and 50 members who pay on a no-contract, month-to-month basis. They also offer photography tips and even workshops for photographers to improve their skills.

Beyond the studio that he runs, Mike Noa also does a lot of work filming and shooting for documentaries and portrait photography work. He does some travel with this, and gives a couple of tips for traveling with your equipment. Make sure you listen for the tips! 

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May 5, 2018

Kevin Schmitz is a fashion, editorial, and lifestyle photographer. He is also a tv host for "Great Escapes" and a director of photography workshops around the world. The list of his accomplishments within the world of photography and entertainment is long. 

Kevin talks with Mike Moreland about his workshops and explains why his workshops are so amazing at helping photographers become "high-end" photographers. 

The process starts with the first day of workshops. The first day is all about learning what you need to do to create a photography shoot. This includes not only taking a stunning picture, but also storyboarding, marketing, post production, and everything you need to know. 

It also introduces you to panelists that are major figures in the photography scene, from agents to magazine representatives and top photographers from around the world. 

The second day is the photoshoot you spent the first day creating. 

But that isn't all that Kevin does for photography students. He also puts on multiple day workshops with amazing equipment and props that will enchant you! Some examples he talked about were horses and hot air balloons! 

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Apr 28, 2018



Mary Buck is a photographer in the Atlanta area. She started doing photography workshops in 2003. She teaches about lighting both in person and online. She also runs a photography studio in Duluth. She has been published in magazines like Forbes. She is a very successful photographer in the scene today. A few of her strengths include lightscape photography, street photography, and nature photography.
Today Mike and Mary talk about the workshops that Mary instructs.
She talks about her immersive workshop. She says that she models the instruction after the language learning style of “immersion”. The workshop that she talks about in this podcast is her next one located in San Diego, California. She talks about how the city provides many different opportunities for all sorts of different styles of photography, from landscapes, wildlife, lifestyle, street, portrait, and action photography.

Mary shares a  few tips on street photography. The first of her tips comes in the type of lens that she uses for Street Photography, a  35 mm lens on a full frame camera. She expresses that it forces her to get close to her subjects. This helps to build a photographer’s confidence. This is key for Street Photography. Since this style is based on capturing moments that come completely by chance, it is imperative to be outgoing and confident with talking to strangers.


An old fashioned classic car with a psychedelic motif


A bike rider on a quiet street in Havana


A woman smoking a cigar

Mary also talks about her Amicalola Falls photography workshop that is geared more towards nature and wildlife photography. Weather is the biggest obstacle for nature photography, so we asked about her tips for inclement weather. Mary’s answer? Avoid the rain. She feels strongly about prioritizing the safety of the photographer and their equipment.
Beyond shooting, Mary also instructs her students in a lecture style workshop about camera settings and post production techniques.
Apr 21, 2018

Lou Freeman has worked as a photographer for Playboy, a high fashion photographer in Italy, and currently does a lot of portrait work around the Atlanta area. On this episode, Lou and Mike talk about her style and the workshops she instructs. 


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Apr 9, 2018

In this episode, Mike interviews nature photographer Rob Daughetry about his photography style and workshops that he teaches. 


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Mar 31, 2018

In this episode, we interviewed photographer Ian Spanier about his photographic style and upcoming workshop! 


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Mar 24, 2018

In this episode, Mike interviews Christopher Marona, a photographer from Colorado that is well-known for his western styled photography and cowboy photography overnight workshops. They talk about Christopher's style, information about his workshops, and tips for you, the photographer! We hope you enjoy the show! 


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Mar 17, 2018

In this episode, Mike interviews Florida photographer Peggy Farren about her work and her workshops. We hope you enjoy the podcast and that you learned something! 


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Feb 20, 2018

Former stand out linebacker Takeo Spikes shares his story of creating his first coffee-table book called "Behind the Mask." 


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